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RUMOR the daisy and waluigi amiibo can be used in luigi mansion!

so i heard a big rumor on Reddit that there was a guy who gotten an early copy of the luigi's mansion 3D's remake and he claims that the daisy and waluigi amiibos work in the game.

So its pretty odd because Nintendo listed of what amiibos can be used for luigis mansion like they said that the luigi, mario, toad and boo amiibos on the Nintendo direct and is it possible that this could be a secret by Nintendo for anyone who ever uses the daisy and waluigi amiibos in the game.

But anyway i heard that if you use the daisy amiibo luigi can restore a lot of health and if you use the waluigi amiibo luigi's outfit will transform into waluigi's outfit! but yet agian this is a rumor and its unknown if this is true or not we just have to wait until the game comes out but could this be true leave a message below and let me know if this could be real or fake.   

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Is Fluidity: Spin Cycle any good?

I have read the reception of it on this wiki but I am wondering what you guys think cause I am considering getting it.
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About the translations of both Dr. Cossack and Kalinka Cossack

In fact, both Dr. Cossack and Kalinka Cossack also have Russian translations. However, I found out that the Russian translations were official, not a fan translation.

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Metallic spring noise from Joy-Con anyone?

When I try to move my analog stick in an upward direction, it produced a weird metallic spring noise...
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Most Likely Smash Canidates

Who do u think is most likely to be in smash ultimate? My picks are spring man and Mike Jones from Startropics.
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Who likes Bowsette?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe so
  • Don’t care either way
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Who else is pissed about the new nintendo switch update

I wanna be able to play multiplayer without having to pay 20$ a month.
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Here's the problem to many toasters you know what they say all toasters toast toast
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Super Mario bros Wii U deluxe: TOADETTE TURNS INTO PEACH!?

In the new super Mario bros Wii U deluxe for the Nintendo switch, toadette has a new power up that can turn her self into peach! It’s pretty crazy! But why does she have this power up?!
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Weegies mansion 3
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Who is your favorite princess?

Is Peach, Zelda, Daisy, or Rosalina?
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I... am... dead

I can’t breath, that was worth the wait. Do u agree?
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Avete la Nintendo swich??
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Tom Tom

Tom Tom is a grime artist, comedian and a YouTuber his vines was popular, his vines was on top with a help of his friends Ginger, Ben and Maybe Angela
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If Only Super Bomberman R Could Be A Switch Exclusive....

It would just make the game more rare and special then having other releases on different consoles! And yes I am fully aware he is owned by Konami, but since he has history with Nintendo, I assume this is on topic, anyways, I understand why it had other console versions on the game, making it less and less rare, but in all honesty it is just for more money
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Eastern Slavic Naming Customs

I found out that Kalinka Cossack's middle initial was a patronym, so her full name was actually,

Kalinka Mikhailovna Cossack [Калинка Михайловна Казак]
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