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1-UP Studio is a first party development studio owned by Nintendo comprised mostly of ex-Square designers and artists (pre Enix merger). The four people who founded the studio are responsible for the game Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite consisting of former Square employees, Square Enix published their video game Sword of Mana in Japan. It was formerly known as Brownie Brown until 2013, where it restructured into 1-Up Studio

Company History


Brownie Brown's logo

The company was founded in 2000 after most of the staff left Square. They started off with Magical Vacation for the GBA but, their first major title was Sword of Mana, published by Square.

On February 1, 2013, they restructured into 1- UP Studio losing some staff. In early 2014, they returned to 25 members.

List of games


  • Brown is the name of Brownie Brown's mascot. According to their English website, Brownie means "a hardworking elf".

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