CES 1989 NP

A CES 1989 article in Nintendo Power V5.

The 1989 International Winter Consumer Electronics Show was an event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1989. Over 100,000 consumers attended the event, and Nintendo of America was on hand to showcase several of their upcoming products. CES's show annually hosted the biggest names in electronics, from television manufacturers to video game publishers. Nintendo's booth on the showfloor was bigger than anyone else's and was also home to 35 third party publishers and their games.

Video games

Nintendo had several new titles for their Nintendo Entertainment System at the show. New NES Zapper games like To the Earth and Trick Shooting were a hit among attendees. Other Nintendo games included Pinbot and Faxanadu. Mattel revealed the infamous Power Glove at the event and a few games that made use of the accessory.

Major third party titles at the show included Mega Man 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Adventures of Bayou Billy.

LJN, known for their critically panned licensed games for the NES, revealed four new titles at the show including Back to the Future, Pictionary, The Punisher and Beetlejuice.