3000m Steeplechase

3000m Steeplechase is a fourth Athletic event in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is incredibly long even longer than previous longest track, 1500m. It looks somewhat similar to hurdles. The only difference is that the hurdles look very different and are white/black. They are more wider, bigger and more longer. If you accidentally bumped into them, they don't break and you won't lose speed. Instead of getting hurt and slowing down, you get knocked far away, most commonly putting you in 4th or 3rd place. It is highly recommended to avoid them. If you got knocked away, you turn invisible, which allows you to bypass obstacles by simply passing them. You must go in 1st lane, and you cannot move. The players also run without the help of the buttons, mic or even stylus! Some hurdle-like things have water behind them which tells you to jump twice at once. You might sometimes flash red because the player got injured, rolling into the track slowly which completely puts you in 4th place. If the injured player trips ahead, warning sign will appear and you must jump at right timing. Otherwise you'll get knocked away.


  • Starting Dash: Don't hold A Button nor touching them. When you saw the voice saying 'release' hold A Button.
  • Jump: Touch A Button to dodge obstacles ahead.
  • Double Jump: Touch A Button twice at the same time to avoid gimmicks with water behind.