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Upcoming North American box art
Developer(s) Nintendo EPD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch platform icon
Genre(s) Fighting

00ESRB RP  02PEGI 7 

Credits • Gallery • Cheats & Hints • Videos
ARMS is a fighting sports game developed by Nintendo that uses extendable arms for battle. It's similar to boxing in that the player strikes their opponents with their fists but, the Arms stretch to reach the opponent across the stage. ARMS can be played on split-screens, online or with Switch vs Switch.


The game is a 3D arena fighter with the goal to whittle down the opponent's hitpoints. The extendable arms mean that distance does not mean the player can avoid the attack. However, a whiffed punch results in an opening that gets bigger with greater distance. Hitting the opponents arms does not do much damage but can stun their arms, creating an opening. They can also stun arms with certain Arms that either are more powerful or have a stun property. There are 2-on-2 matches in addition to 1-on-1.

For the controls, each player holds a Joy-Con in each hand. Tilting in a direction moves the character in that direction. L is a dash, and R is a jump. The punching is done through thrusting forward a Joy-Con and thrusting both forward performs a grab. Pressing ZL or ZR allowing the fighter to start a Flurry Attack by repeatedly punching the opponent. There are stationary controls but they have not been revealed.



In addition to choosing the character the player plays as, the player can choose between 3 Arms for the character and change between each round. Players do not have to use the same Arm for both arms. All ARMS are compatible with the whole cast but, they need to be unlocked with the ingame currency. The List of Arms can be seen to a complete list of them




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ARMS - Nintendo Switch Trailer02:27

ARMS - Nintendo Switch Trailer

Main Page: ARMS/videos

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