The Abstract Masterpiece is an item found inPikmin 2. The item is in reality just a Snapple bottlecap, though the game's characters act as if it is a masterful piece of work, with the Dolphin (Captain Olimar's ship) explaining it as the "heart of art, the soul of creativity". It can be found in the Perplexing Pool's Shower Room (on level 6). It takes six Pikmin to carry the lid to the ship. It is the 179th treasure on the List of Pikmin 2 treasures in the PAL version and the 169th in the NTSC version.


Captain Olimar's Journal

"This is a truly heart-wrenching design. I've never been this moved by a piece of art. Every time I view it, I can't stop crying! The ship mocks me by squirting engine coolant at me, but it's obviously just jealous that it can't shed any tears."

Sales Pitch

"This is something that machines cannot comprehend... The heart of art, the soul of creativity. If you understand the appeal of this design, your heightened senses are at space-pilot level!"