The Acorn Festival is a special event that takes place during the second week of October in Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. The festival is hosted by Cornimer who, while not confirmed, is almost certainly Tortimer in disguise. He is the self-proclaimed king of the Acorn Festival, and asks you to find as many acorns as possible around town and bring them to him. You'll find acorns laying besides trees, and can pick them up. Each tree that has acorns next to them will have a total of three. Doing so will reap you many rewards - the Mushroom Furniture Collection. Of course he won't give you every piece of the set at once, so keep on returning to him and delivering acorns in order to get the benefits. Be sure not to give him any rotten acorns - the only purpose they have are selling them to Tom Nook for 1 bell! If you do give them along with regular acorns to Cornimer, then he'll not only take the rotten acorns though all of the regular ones for himself without giving you any benefits.