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These are the credits to Action Man: Robot Atak.

Magic Pockets Team

Technical Director

Artistic Director

Lead Programmer


Graphic Artists


Musics and SFX

  • Audio Engine by Shin'en

Music Composed, Produced and Conducted by

  • Shin'en

Production Assistants

Project Manager

Atari Europe

Senior VP of International Operations

Publishing Team

Senior Producer

Republishing Team

Localisation Team Leader

Localisation Project Manager

Localisation Technical Consultant

Printed Materials Team Leader

Printed Materials Project Manager

Copy Writer

MAM Project Manager

Manufacturing / Supply Chain

Director Supply Chain

Manufacturing Coordinators

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Director

Quality Control and Certification Project Manager

Product Planning Project Manager

Engineering Services Manager

Engineering Services Expert

Engineering Services Expert

European Marketing Senior VP

European Group Marketing Manager

European Brand Manager

European Communications Manager

European Web Manager

Local Marketing Team

Product Manager UK

Product Manager Benelux

Product Manager Spain

Product Manager Australia

Product Manager Portugal

Product Manager Nordic

Product Manager Germany

Product Manager France

Product Manager Italy

Product Manager Switzerland

Product Manager Greece

Product Manager Israel

Special Thanks to

Very Special Thanks to the Hasbro Team

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