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98Adamantine Girdle

Description: A shiny Nut, Not much else to say..

Treasure Hoard Number:

(NTSC) 99

(PAL) 98

Series: Industrial Set

Value: 70 Pokos

Weight: 12

Maximum Carriers: 20 Pikmin

Location: Sublevel 4/5 of the Subterranean Complex.

Real Life Object: A Nut.


'Olimar's Journal: '"There appears to be a link between the treasures we found in an underground structure. We found several machine parts that fit together. The parts may provide a clue as to the original function of the area."

Sales Pitch: "None want to believe it: a world so brutal as to require a steel torso guard for self-defense. It is certainly unattractive, but which do you value more: fashion or personal safety?"

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