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Nintendo has had many interesting techniques and tries at marketing! This is a list of Advertisement Campaigns that Nintendo has tried across the globe since the NES days to the newest generation of gaming - the Wii U.

Wii U

  • How Will U Play


  • Kisekae (New 3DS, Japan, 2014)
  • How Will You Play (America, Holiday 2013)


  • New Generation - The Wii is not the next generation, it is a new generation.
  • Playing is Believing, or Playing=Believing (For Wii, announced at E3 2006)
  • Wii Move You - online campaign in Europe, see
  • What is this? (Japan, 2006)
  • Wii would like to play (America, 2006)
  • Wii are Familii (America, 2007)


  • Touch Generations (The Current campaign for the DS to bring Games to a different audience. Some of the games the campaign will be with are Nintendogs, Brain Age, Tetris DS, and more)
  • Touching is Good. (Nintendo DS)
  • Touch Me! (DS in Europe up until November/December 2005)
  • Pick up and Play (DS in some countries)
  • Open up and play (DS, Europe)


  • Born to Play
  • Who Are You? (America, 2002-2005)
  • Get into it (Australia 2001)
  • The life is a game. (Hungary, 2002)


  • Change the System. (1996)
  • Get N or get out. (1997)
  • Welcome to the future. (1999)
  • Vous n'en reviendrez pas (You will be amazed in english) (France, 1998)

Game Boy Advance

  • Life, Advanced. (2001)
  • Are you a real gamer? (Hungary, 2001)

Game Boy Color

  • Get into it! (1998)
  • Feel Everything Everywhere (Europe, 1999)

Virtual Boy

  • A 3-D game for a 3-D World (Virtual Boy)


  • The Best Play Here.
  • Now your playing with power, Super power. (1991)
  • El Cerebro de la Bestia. The Brain of the Beast (Spain, 1992-94)

Game Boy

  • Now you're playing with portable power.


  • Now you're playing with power. (NES, 1985)


  • Play it Loud! (second row of original Game Boys, N64, and Virtual Boy 1994.)
  • Who are you? (America, featuring different Nintendo Mascots on each ad, some adverts featuring Goldfrapp)
  • Too Much Fun. (Canada)
  • Gaming 24:7 (Europe)
  • We Do what Nintendon't (Actual ad for Sega Genesis)
  • Settle it in Smash - American ad campaign for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
  • Play Nintendo -(Wii U and 3DS, America, Holiday 2014)


In the ad for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for the Game Boy, the campaign says "The power's in your hand!"

For understandable reasons, "Touching is Good", a marketing campaign for the DS, was quickly taken over by another phrase.

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