Agaar is a magician from the game, Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. The main character, Del Cottonwood, first meets Agaar while in the dungeon. Agaar is found sleeping in the cell next to Del's and when waking, he informs Del about where he is. After escaping the dungeon, Del will find Agaar's sister in the Rusty Sword Inn. She will ask you to go and rescue Del in order to stop the main enemy, Belzar, from reviving the Warlock Lord. After saving him, he will unlock the seal on his cottage so Del can obtain items to help him on his journey.

Steps to saving Agaar:Edit

  1. Receive the orb from Agaar's sister.
  2. Get the flower from Wil Goddard.
  3. Place the flower on Aristolin's grave and then talk to him using the Ring of the Dead.
  4. Gain Aristolin's hidden treasure from Dersius also using the ring.
  5. Give the treasure to the shop keeper in return for the dungeon keeper's chipped violin.
  6. Place the violin next to the dungeon keeper's bow.
  7. Sneak past him while he's playing it and take the cell key off the hook.
  8. Unlock Agaar's cell. The dungeon keeper will then close the door on you.
  9. Give Agaar the orb so he can use a spell that swaps your places with the dungeon keeper's.
  10. Lock the dungeon keeper in the cell.