Agenda is a video game developer based in Japan. They have worked with Nintendo on numerous occasions such as with Club House Games and Slide Adventure MAGKID, both for the Nintendo DS.

Games released by Agenda

Title Format Release Date
1000 Cooking Recipes from Elle a TableDS2010-07July 2010
Billiard ActionDS2005-06June 2005
Club House GamesDS2006-10October 2006
Dragon Slayer Gaiden: Nemuri no OukanGame Boy1992-03March1992
Doraemon 2: Animal Wakusei DensetsuGame Boy1992-12December1992
Doraemon 4SNES1995-12December 1995
Hajiite! Block CrushWii2009-04April 2009
Happy Hammerin'Wii2008-11November 2008
Hatayama Hacchi no Pro Yakyuu News! JitsumeibanSNES1993-10October 1993
Minna de Tobikome! Penguin Diving FuPaRuPaWii2009-09September 2009
Slide Adventure MAGKIDDS2007-08August 2007
Spider-Man: Lethal FoesSNES1995-03March 1995