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As of: December 2012

Series Animal Crossing
Voiced by Yui Horie
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This page is on the Animal Crossing character. You may be looking for: Ai no Uta.

Ai play the role of the main character in the film adaption of Animal Crossing, which was only released in Japan under the name of Dobutsu no Mori, the Japanese equivalent to the English name of Animal Crossing. She is a young woman who, in the movie, arrived in her new town or village via a taxi ride driven by Kapp'n. Once there, she is hired part-time by Tom Nook to pay off a portion of her mortgage, and overall have a happy life. Her favorite fruit are cherries, and during the events that take place in the film, she becomes best friends with Margie and Rosie, both who are characters in the video game series.

The character is based on the female protagonist or playable characters of the game. Not a whole lot is known about her, seeing that an English version has yet to be released, and by the looks of it never will be.


Ai has high magenta pigtails and purple eyes. When she first enters the Animal Village, Ai is wearing a lime-colored dress with a small white cardigan and a purse. This is covered by Nook's signature apron when she is doing deliveries. She always wears her red pumps and blue-and-white striped tights with almost any outfit other than her orange bikini top and bottoms.

Ai has many different outfits in the film. She wears a flowery, baby-pink dress with puffy sleeves at one point. She always wears dresses. The fancier dresses she wears go without the tights and shoes, but her casual outfits always have them.

In the winter, Ai wraps up with a turquoise coat, a pink scarf, pink gloves, her tights, and pink boots.


Not much is known about Ai's past life before moving to the village. She seems independent, energetic, and cheerful. It is revealed at the start that she loves splashing in the rain.


Ai enters the village with Kapp'n, and is fascinated by the scenery. As soon as the taxi stops outside the Town Hall, Ai jumps out of the car and says a big hello to the town. She collects her suitcase and struggles to drag it into the hall. Ai then meets Pelly and Tortimer.


  • Ai is Japanese for "love", explaining a little bit why pink is her main color.