Aikatsu! My No. 1 Stage
Aikatsu My No. 1 Stage
Developer(s) h.a.n.d.
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Classification(s) Nintendo-network-icon
Genre(s) Rhythm

 01CERO A 

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Aikatsu! My No. 1 Stage is the fourth Aikatsu game and continues the franchise's tradition of being rhythm games. This entry adds a Karaoke mode where the player can sing a song using the 3DS's mic or a headset.


The game focuses more on the characters of the show this time with an impressive roster of over 20 characters from the show. The game is still a rhythm game, but there's a new mode called Aikara (Aikatsu! Karaoke) where players can sing along and record their voice. QR code function returns to that has special sequences for players to enjoy.


  • Sumire Hikami
  • Akari Ozora
  • Hinaki Shinjo
  • Ran Shibuki
  • Ichigo Hoshimiya
  • Aoi Kiriya
  • Nono Daichi
  • Kaede Ichinose
  • Lisa Shirakaba
  • Juri Kurebayashi
  • Madoka Amahane
  • Rin Kurosawa
  • Yurika Tdod
  • Otome Arisugawa
  • Sakura Kitaoji
  • Seie Otoshiro
  • Ki Saegusa
  • Sora Kazesawa
  • Maria Himesato
  • Mikuru Natsuki
  • Mizuki Kanzaki

Song List

  • lucky train!
  • Original Star☆彡
  • Happy Crescendo
  • Hello New World
  • Idol Activity!
  • Midnight Skyhigh
  • Eternally Flickering Flame
  • Tutu・Ballerina
  • Hey! little girl
  • Take Me Higher
  • Lovely☆Bomb
  • Precious
  • Diamond Happy
  • Poppin' Bubbles
  • New・Chocolate Case


  • Calendar Girl
  • Love Like Caramelize
  • Glass Doll


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