Air Slash is a physical art in Xenoblade Chronicles used by Shulk. It is used to inflict break on enemies

Xenoblade Chronicles

This art is learned at level 14. It is used to inflict break on enemies in order to topple enemies. It can also inflict slow on foes if done from the side. Shulk jumps up and slashes at the foe.

Super Smash Bros.

Air Slash SSB4

Air Slash is Shulk's Up Special in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. When performed, Shulk does a rising slash that lifts Shulk upwards and can do another slash if the B button is pressed again after the first slash. If Monado Jump is active, the move has greater vertical distance


  • Advancing Air Slash: On the upswing, Shulk goes up at a slight angle. The second swing brings him lower but sends him forward. The swings have less delay and the second slash has a bit more knockback
  • Mighty Air Slash: The length of the attack becomes the size of the Monado itself but it delivers more damage and knockback as a result. Knockback is now more vertical but it is harder to connect bot swings.