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Series Mario
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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Airnapse are enemies located in Airway. They are annoying blue orbs with yellow spikes around and they highly resemble viruses. They resemble their weak, magenta cousins called Napse, but more powerful and they have 150 HP, eighty more than their unintelligent relatives. They have same attacks as Napse have. When one of Airnapse got killed by bros., another Airnapse will try to summon new Airnapse. The only difference between this attack that Airnapse do that more often while it is slightly scarce to see Napse doing that. They are only enemies in Airway not to have Dark Star icon.


  • They attack bros. by making blue balls. Two balls spin around them, and the balls will soon turn either reddish-orange or minty green. Green ball aim for Luigi while red ball aim for Mario.
  • Their last attack don't harm Bros. unlike most attacks. They use their white magic to cure dead Airnapse. They only use this when their mob greatly shrinks, or when Airnapse got killed completely.

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