Akira Matsubara
Screenshot of Akira
First game Red Steel
Species Human
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Akira Matsubara is a character in Red Steel. He was a friend to Isao Sato and a member of the Yakuza.


Act 2: The Path of the Katana Giri

When Scott Monroe finally catches up with Ryuichi at the Sato Incorporated Waste Processing Plant in Tokyo Bay, he finds Ryuichi trying to escape the plant in a helicopter with a captive, a man named Akira Matsubara. Scott defeats Ryuichi in a sword fight and Ryuichi tells him that Miyu Sato was taken to a man named Tokai. Immediately afterward, Ryuichi is shot and killed by a sniper.

Scott and Akira escape the plant in the helicopter. Akira explains he was a friend to Isao Sato and that they should work together to find out what is happening.

Upon returning to Harry's Club, Harry Tanner directs Scott to a meeting of the Sanro Kai, a group of Sato Gumi Yakuza members focusing on profitable peace, the same group of which Sato was a part.

Akira, the leader of that group, explains to Scott that Tokai has taken over their separate districts throughout Tokyo and has brought chaos since Sato's death. So he calls upon Scott to help them get back their respective districts and restore honor.