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Akira Mido
Akira Mido (Lux-Pain)
Akira Mido's artwork from Lux-Pain
Species Human
First game Lux-Pain
Voiced by (English) Robert McCollum
Voiced by (Japanese) Yuuichi Nakamura
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Akira Mido is a main character in Lux-Pain. He is a junior at Kisaragi High School. He highly values the code of Bushido, and likes to be able to protect others from danger. He works part-time at his father's cake shop, Sweet Ring.



Akira M.
Age: 17
Height: 177cm
Weight: 70kg
Family: Father
Address: Area3 SweetRing

1: Junior at Kisaragi School, same class as Atsuki. Really masculine. Looks really buff. Good to have around for hard work.

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I don't use email so much but I'll try. Nice to meet u!
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