Albino Dino
Albino dino

Albino Dino's sprite from Paper Mario.
Series Mario series
First game Paper Mario
Created by Intelligent Systems
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Albino Dinos are creatures that only appear in the Crystal Palace of Paper Mario. They resemble a white colored Rhino Dino. The Albino Dinos are not enemies but are pieces in a puzzle to get to the boss the of the palace, the Crystal King. The puzzle is laid out in the room in a chess style movement. On the other side of the room are Albino Dino statues that when pushed the Albino Dinos are moved too. And to move the statues in different directions, one must talk to the Albino Dinos to get them and the statues to face that direction. Once the Dinos and statues are moved on certain platforms on the floor, the puzzle is solved.

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