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Shoe polish
The Alien Billboard is a treasure in Pikmin 2. The Alien Billboard is one of the 4 (PAL) or 8 (NTSC) treasures in the Ancient Ad series. It is in fact a Kiwi shoe polish container/lid.

Location: The location of this treasure varies from NTSC and PAL versions. In NTSC, the Alien Billboard is an early treasure and is on sublevel 1 of the White Flower Garden. In PAL, it is one of the late treasures, as a matter of fact, it can be the last treasure you can get before the arguable "final boss". It is located on sublevel 13 of Dream Den.

Replacements: In NTSC, the Alien Billboard is on sublevel 13 of Dream Den (in PAL), is replaced by the Hypnotic Platter (A & W bottle cap). In PAL, the Alien Billboard on sublevel 1 of White Flower Garden (in NTSC) is replaced by the Nutrient Silo.

Weight: It weights 15.

Poko worth: It is worth 80 pokos in both versions.

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