AlphaDream Corporation is an independent third party developer from Japan. So far, it has been developing handheld games for Nintendo ever since 2002. They are best known for their comedy RPG series Mario & Luigi.

Nate Bihldorff of Nintendo Treehouse said that AlphaDream was an excellent team to work with because of how fun they were. He explained that they knew the Mario series extremely well and thus were a perfect fit for creating the Mario & Luigi series.


The company was founded as Alpha Star in 2000 by Tetsuo Mizuno, a past president of Square, with several employees coming from Square. Their first game, Kotobattle, was a Pokemon-like though more complex and a bit more card-based.

Their next game acted as a predecessor to the Mario & Luigi series. Originating on the Game Boy Color as Gimmick Land, Tomato Adventure was developed alongside Graphic Research.

Games released by AlphaDream

Title Format Release Date
Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge DS 2005-12December 2005
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games GBA 2004-07July 2004
Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue GBA 2003-05May 2003
Kotobattle: Tengai no Moribito GBC 2001-03March 2001
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DS 2009-02February 2009
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS 2013-07-12July 12, 2013
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 3DS 2015-12December 2015
Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeDS2005-11November 2005
Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaGBA2003-11November 2003
Post Pet DS: Yumemiru Momo to Fushigi no PenDS2009-12December 2009
Tomato AdventureGBA2002-01January 2002
Tottoko Hamutaro Haai! Hamu-Chans no Hamu Hamu Challenge! Atsumare Haai!DS2007-03March 2007