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Alraune from Revenant Wings.
Series Final Fantasy series
First game Final Fantasy IV
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Alraune is a summon and an enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It originated in Final Fantasy IV for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Its first appearance as a summon was in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for the Nintendo DS. It was a rank 1 Non-elemental Melee summon, that cost 10 affinity points in order to summon it. It should be noted that in order to gain Alraune as a summon, the player first had to defeat it.

In Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the same handheld, Alraune appeared as standard enemies once more. The Alraune is a Mandragora species of monster, along with the Deadly Nightshade. It is considered one of the weaker types of enemies in the game.

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