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Amanda Toad

Artwork from Command.
Series Star Fox series
First game Star Fox Command
Created by Takaya Imamura
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Amanda is a character in the Star Fox series who first appeared in Star Fox Command as Slippy Toad's fiancee and future wife. She helped the Star Fox team defeat the Anglar forces. Slippy, who has been a regular in the series since the original Star Fox on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Amanda met before the events of Star Fox Command. In the game she pilots the ship known as the Tadpole. In Star Fox Command, one of various different things can happen in the end of the game depending on the routes the player takes, though they all result in Amanda and Slippy growing closer to each other. In one ending Slippy leaves the group, marries Amanda and starts a family with her while in another Amanda joins Team Fox.

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