Ammos Orluga
Ammos Orluga

An Ammos Orluga as seen in Xenoblade Chronicles.
Series Xenoblade (series)
First game Xenoblade Chronicles
Species Orluga
Created by Monolith Soft
Year created 2010

The Ammos Orluga is an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles that are members of the Orluga family. They can be found at level 34 northeast of the Glowmoss Trihenge inside Makna Forest. Defeating two of them is required to complete the Frontier Village's version of the "Monster Quest 2 - Part 2" quest. They can also drop the Fancy Orluga Masks, which are needed for the Frontier Village version of the "Material Quest 2" quest.


HP 46,400
Str 617
Eth 406
Agi 69
Double Att Rate 15%
Critical Hit Rate 0%
Phys Def % 0%
Eth Def % 0%
Defence Direction N/A


Art Type Strength Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Hurricane Bugle Status N/A N/A Circle around caster Haste N/A N/A
Hard Push Physical 2.8 – 3.0 1 N/A Topple N/A N/A
Big Spin Physical 0.55 – 0.75 4 Circle around caster N/A Yes N/A


Chests Rates

  • Wood = 77.6%
  • Silver = 19.4%
  • Gold = 3%