Miiverse NintendoAmy

Amy, the Miiverse mascot!

Amy, aka NintendoAmy[1], is a mascot Mii for the Nintendo Miiverse. She makes posts and has for-fun trivia contests about new Nintendo releases.


She first appeared under the Miiverse Announcements section of the Miiverse[2] and only appearance is in the Nintendo Miiverse under "3DS application, Swapnote.


Amy has long, reddish-brown hair with fringe on either side of her face as well as a part which leans to her right (the viewer's left). Though usually hidden, Amy wears also her hair back in a ponytail. Oddly, her eyebrows are plain brown.
Her eyes are black in color and lack whites, though half-circles with eyelashes indicate her eye line.. She has a small nose which a downward half-circle and wears red, circled-square glasses on her always-smiling, lightly-blushed face.


Amy always seems cheerful and outgoing, always happy to interact with the community with her trivia contests or talk about (and play) the latest Nintendo games. She'll occasionally post fan art or related materials as well, always with that same upbeat demeanor.

Similarities to Nikki

Amy seems to have a bit in common with another Nintendo Mii mascot, Nikki (from Swapnote), as far as personality and function are concerned:

  • Much like Nikki before her, Amy seems to be a fan of Nintendo products as well as an artist.
  • The two are both very cheerful and both wear red glasses.
  • Amy (currently) resides exclusively in the Miiverse while Nikki lived in Swapnote.
  • Both girls also wear long-sleeved sweaters, though Nikki wore green and Amy wears orange.
  • Both girls have also appeared in on other Nintendo product, officially.
    (Nikki in Art Academy: First Semester, Amy in Mario Golf: World Tour[3])


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