And Yet It Moves
And Yet It Moves
Developer(s) Broken Rules
Publisher(s) Broken Rules
Platform(s) Wii Ware platform icon
Genre(s) Puzzle Platformer

03ESRB - E  02PEGI 7  02USK 6  01Australian Classification Board - G

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And Yet It Moves (shortened as AYIM) is a Wiiware game developed by Broken Rules. It can be downloaded on the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 Nintendo Points. It was released on the Wii Shop Channel on August 23, 2010.


Wii Shop Channel Description

The description for And Yet It Moves on the Wii Shop Channel is:

Run, jump and turn the world upside-down!

And Yet It Moves is an award winning physics-based platform game where you run and jump through a world made of paper. To aid in solving the twisted mind-bending levels, you posses the unique ability to rotate the world at will! Walls become floors, slides become platforms-but a harmless pile of rocks becomes a hazardous danger when turned upside down!

Use the Wii Remote controller like a magic wand to tilt the world. Explore beautifully crafted environments. Survive 20 challenging levels full of strange creatures, traps and puzzles. Unlock bonus levels, competitive play modes and suprising modifications that change the entire game.

Turn your world upside-down with And Yet It Moves!


IGN gave And Yet It Moves an 8.0 out of 10.


And Yet It Moves (VG) (2009) - PC00:47

And Yet It Moves (VG) (2009) - PC

And Yet It Moves Wii - Rock Puzzle00:00

And Yet It Moves Wii - Rock Puzzle

Rock Puzzle
And Yet It Moves Wii - Dying00:00

And Yet It Moves Wii - Dying

And Yet It Moves Wii - Gamescom Release Trailer00:00

And Yet It Moves Wii - Gamescom Release Trailer

Gamescom Release Trailer
Main Page: And Yet It Moves/videos

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