Angel's Heaven is a mission in Red Steel. It's the third level in "Act 1: Sato's Legacy".

The Mission

After escaping from the Overlook Hotel, Scott Monroe and Isao Sato head to Tony Tanaka's store in Little Tokyo. It's the only safe place for them to hide. There, Scott learns that Sato is the leader of a Yakuza clan called Sato Gumi. But it is an honorable clan that deals in legal companies rather than crime.

Tony Tanaka explains to Scott that Ryuichi has a mistress named Angel who runs a massage parlor called Angel's Heaven. Angel will know where Ryuichi is hiding.

While Sato stays with Tony Tanaka, Scott heads to the massage parlor where he is greeted with gunfire. Fighting his way through the parlor, he finally reaches Angel who tells Scott that Ryuichi is hiding at an auto body shop in South L.A. called Xtreme Wheels.