Angler King
Angler King (Drawn to Life)
A screenshot of Angler King from Drawn to Life
First game Drawn to Life
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Angler King (sometimes called King Angler) is the third main boss in Drawn to Life. It is a giant shadow-eyed anglerfish with a big blue crown on its head.


When Captain Redbeard and his crew are setting sail, the Angler King has roared at them. The Mayor prompts the Hero to stop the Angler King.


Part 1

The Angler King is a very tough boss. He'll chase the Hero and try to eat him. To stop him, the Hero must shoot stars at it to keep it away. The Angler King is fast, so it is best to shoot him a lot.

Part 2

The Angler King has a few attacks. He will shoot out three Shadow Fish from his crown which must be killed. Next, the lane where he'll charge is unpredictable. Sometimes, he'll chase the Hero until he leaves the screen. After the Hero has landed enough shots, the Angler King will lay down on his back and Count Choco (the Raposa who throws Hearts or Stars for the Starzooka) is freed.