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Animal Forest
Dobutsu no Mori (JP)
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64 platform icon
Genre(s) Real-life Simulation
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Animal Forest (JP), was the Japanese version of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 64. There was plan for a sequel that included some of the missing features from Animal Forest that were in the English version but were left out of Animal Forest, such as e-Reader bonuses.

Three sequels followed soon after that were released internationally as opposed to this one being a Japan-only release. Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube released in 2002, Animal Crossing: Wild World released for the Nintendo DS in 2005 (It was not released in Europe until 2006.) and Animal Crossing: City Folk (Known as Let's Go To The City in Europe.) for the Wii released in 2008.

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