Anode Beetle
Anode Beetle

Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
Species Scarab Beetle Family
Year Created 2004
Created by Nintendo
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Anode Bettle is an enemy in Pikmin 2 for the GameCube and the New Play Control! for Wii. These are beetle that can produce electric at their backside when there is two of them. They both spark up, then they use their attack. The electric connects to the two beetles using it at once. (Like in the photo.) In Pikmin 2, electric is very dangerous, in one hit, Pikmin get zapped and get killed. Other hazards give you a shot to save them by doing a whistle. This makes Yellow Pikmin helpful to use. When there is one of these by themselves, they are totally harmless. The only way Olimar and Louie and President can kill it is to throw a Pikmin at its back, they will fall over. You can punch it, and the Pikmin can attack it. This monster can't be hurt when it is on its four feet. This is one of the only few monsters that does not have a family. These are found only underground, and is not in Pikmin.


Olimar's Notes

"This specimen is representative of an insect hybrid that uses electricity in addition to glycogen for its energy. Although difficult to confirm due to their microscopic size, tiny hairs on the creature's legs cause the friction that generates the electrical charge. The electrical charge is processed by the creature's internal machina battery structure, and then stored as a deus electrifical field. As this field reaches critical levels, surplus electricity is emitted, resulting in a low voltage current that is transmitted between specimens. It can shock other creatures in the immediate vicinity. Considering this process, it can be surmised that the largest impetus to pack behavior is not so much for synergic effect of producing as a pack as it is to take advantage of this most effective means of group preservation."

Louie's Notes

"Drain the electrical charge before boiling. Although it is possible to eat an anode beetle while it is charged, doing so may result in an unpleasant tingling sensation."