Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories

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Another Code:
R – A Journey into Lost Memories
Another Code R (EU)
European box art
Developer(s) Cing
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii platform icon
Classification(s) Touchgenerations-icon
Genre(s) Adventure

 02PEGI 7  01CERO A 

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Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories is a Wii video game released in 2009 by Cing and Nintendo. It is the successor to Another Code: Two Memories (Trace Memory in America). This game has only been released in Japan and Europe and it has not been confirmed for North America or Australia. Once again the game stars Ashley Mizuki Robins, who in this game is 2 years older than she was in the original Nintendo DS title. Her goal in the game is to find the truth on why her mother visited a place called Lake Juliet before she died. Like the game before it, Another Code R is a point-and-click adventure game. The game references many aspects of the game Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

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