Anti Guy(JP) is an enemy in the video game Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. Mario will first spot one in Shy Guy's Toy Box, one of the game's many levels. In this level, one of them will be guarding the Power Plus badge, which Mario can obtain if he defeats the black Shy Guy.

In the game, Mario is able to bribe the first Anti Guy with a Lemon Candy so that the plumber won't have to fight him.

According to Goombario's Tattle description, the Anti Guy is also called Deadly Guy because of his powerful attacks. It has a HP of 50. They are pretty much just Shy Guys with black clothes. However, they are much more powerful. Thankfully, they have no defense, though their attack power ranges from an outstanding 10 to 12, which can kill our heroes pretty quickly.

They will also appear at the second Guard Door quiz if Mario gets three questions wrong. If he does, he will have to fight a whopping three Anti Guys.