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Apple Kid's clay model from EarthBound.

The Apple Kid is a character from the SNES game, EarthBound. He is described as a fat, dirty slob, but he is actually extremely intelligent and useful to the quest of Ness and his friends. He first contributes to Ness's quest with the Pencil Eraser, a device able to get pencil-shaped objects out of the way. However, he needs to be given $200 and food as well. Later in the game, he invents the Zombie Paper, which zombies will stick to, helping the situation in Threed.


No-Name Mouse

After Paula gets kidnapped in Fourside, the Apple Kid invents a Trout-flavored yogurt maker. This makes the maid of the mayor Geldegarde Monotoli, Electra, let the party further access to the building. He is kidnapped along with other important characters, by Starman DX. Before leaving, however, he gives his pet mouse, the No-Name Mouse, the Eraser eraser, which allows Ness and his friends access the base under Stonehenge, to save everyone. He later goes to Dr. Andonuts's lab in order to build the Phase Distorter, which, when concluded, is needed to defeat Giygas.

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