Arc Rise Fantasia
Arc Rise Fantasia (JP)
Developer(s) imageepoch, Marvelous
Publisher(s) Marvelous Entertainment, Ignition Entertainment
Platform(s) Wii platform icon
Genre(s) Role-playing game

05ESRB - T  01CERO A 

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Arc Rise Fantasia is a Wii exclusive role-playing game. One of the very few released for the console, it was intended to be an original take on the genre that would cater to those who wish to have a full-fledged RPG experience that would be offered on some of Nintendo's competitors' systems. The game was created by Marvelous Entertainment. The same team had worked previously on the Nintendo DS with Luminous Arc, a Marvelous game and Sands of Destruction and 7th Dragon, two Sega published JRPGs. Many of the heavy hitters from Namco Bandai's Tales Studio were also involved with the game, thus explaining many of the immanent similarities between the two. Though deep within is a game that's innovative and not at all like the game in which it looks.


Like all traditional role-playing games, the player traverses the world battling monsters, conversing with other characters, finding treasures and developing a fantastic team by performing said actions. Battles are not random, though rather you will engage in a battle by touching the enemy on the ground first, which will then trigger a battle scene. Unlike Tales video games, Arc Rise Fantasia is turn based, though it has its fair share of innovations.

During battle, each turn will give the player a certain amount of points that they can use up during that turn in whichever way they desire. You can use all the points on one character rather than using all three (this would be used in the event in which a mage has lost all of his or her magic points, in which the character would be rendered useless), or you can use all three characters on the battlefield at once during the players' turn. Working together, however, will result in more benefits than just sending one character in to do the dirty work. Working strategically in this way will cause the game to be persevere and not grow stale.


Arc Rise Fantasia Wii - Cut Scene Video00:00

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii - Cut Scene Video

Cut Scene Video
Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Gameplay - They Meet00:00

Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Gameplay - They Meet

They Meet
Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Trailer - Teaser Trailer00:00

Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Trailer - Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer
Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Trailer - Spells Video00:00

Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Trailer - Spells Video

Spells Video
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