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Shinon, shown here, is an archer from the Fire Emblem series.

Archer is a character class in the Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy series. They use bows as their weapon.

Fire Emblem

In the Fire Emblem series, archers are limited to one weapon type: bows. As a result, they excel at long-range combat, but aren't so great when it comes to their defenses. However, Archers and their promotion, Snipers, are the only classes that can use the Ballista, a long-range siege weapon that fires bolts. Archers are invaluable, because in most games bows are the only available weapon with an advantage against airborne foes.

This is a list of playable Archers in the series and the game that they belong to.

Final Fantasy

This is a list of games in which archer is a playable character class.

Other appearances

  • Pit from Kid Icarus can also be considered an archer, as his weapons of choice is a bow. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, his bow and arrow can be separated into a double blade, though nevertheless can still shoot arrows with deadly accuracy.
  • Archers are characters found in the Gauntlet series of games, including the Nintendo 64 video game Gauntlet Legends. Usally Archers in the Gauntlet series are Elves.

Others include:

  • Krauser from Resident Evil 4 is a skilled archer.
  • Archer is a character class in the NES video game Just Breed.
  • Archers are units in the Age of Empires video game series.


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