The Arelian Empire is an Alien Government from the Rebelstar: Tactical Command Tactical RPG. The Arelians are small, grey-skinned, humanoid creatures with a very large head and large, black, almond shaped eyes. They don't like to participate in battles, but when they do they prefer to rely on their unique psionic power and advanced technology to win. They generally lack courage or much battle skills, but they are still formidable opponents if encountered.

In the year 2117, a race of aliens known as the Arelians have enslaved the human population of Earth using their henchmen, the savage Zorn. They insert implants into infants' brains at birth, to be able to track them. As soon as someone turns 30, the aliens take the person away and nothing is known about their subsequent fate. The main character, Jorel, after losing both his parents to the alien invaders, decides to flee south to Mexico to join the rebel forces and fight the alien invaders. Thanks to his strong psionic resistance, his brain rejected the implant and he brings new hope to the desperate human race looking for a leader. The Arelians, have added Earth to their empire. Their dominion is secured by the brutal Zorn, who police the Earth itself.

When people are born they get a tracking chip implanted in their heads, allowing the Arelians to find them come their 30th birthday, when they are whisked away for unknown reasons. Needless to say people got upset by that and have taken to resisting the Arelian overseers. One of those people is Jorel, the player's main representative in the game, though he is assisted by Zak, a heavy weapons expert, and Ruby, a sniper.

Later, the true nature of the Zorn and Arelians is revealed. The Arelians, bored of the collective mind of the alien race, enslaved the humans for entertainment. The Zorn, in return for helping the Arelians, was to be allowed to eat any human above the age of 30.