Arfur's sprite from Paper Mario.
Series Paper Mario
First game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Created by Intelligent Systems
Quotes • Gallery

Arfur is a Doogan who appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He doesn't play a significant role in the story, though does have a trouble that the player can partake in.


"That's Arfur. He's always hanging around here. He looks totally suspicious, but apparently he lives by some super-stern moral code."

It should also be noted that Swindle's tattle also mentions Arfur:

"That's Swindell, the bandit. At least, I HEAR he's a thief, but I've never seen him steal. He's always whispering to Arfur about something."

Trouble Center

Arfur has a trouble that involves Mario going to the shop and seeing how much three items, including Fire Flower (10 coins), Sleepy Sheep (8 coins), and a Tasty Tonic (3 coins) cost. Once you return and give the correct price, Arfur will reward the player with 20 coins. The name of the trouble is Price Adjustment.

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