Arika is a video game developer founded in 1995 by former Capcom employees in Japan. Their first title on a Nintendo system was the Capcom published GameCube game titled Mega Man Network Transmission. They would later collaborate with Nintendo to develop Endless Ocean and its sequel, Endless Ocean 2, for the Wii. The games are considered the successors to the PlayStation 2 exclusive Everblue series. Arika later developed the more recent Dr. Mario games starting with WiiWare game Dr. Mario Online Rx and its DSiWare counterpart Dr. Mario Express.


The company was founded in 1995 after Ryo Nishitani left Capcom. Before leaving, he had worked on various Street Fighter games and the Final Fight series. The first games he made with the studio was the Street Fighter EX series, which combined the fighting styles the Alpha subseries and the main series. They also worked on the Tetris Grandmaster games, a series of incredible hard versions of Tetris, mainly for Arcades.

They started working Nintendo proper in 2007 with Endless Ocean. With their history in Tetris grandmaster series, they were entrusted with the Dr. Mario games. While the games lacked any complex content, they were very pure and good Dr. Mario experiences.

Tekken 3D Prime Edition was their first return to the fighting genre since 2005 and while nothing else has particularly come from this, they were rumored at one point to have been making a new Street Fighter EX

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