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Armored fiend

Armored Fiend is a minion of the Ultimate Ghost and the secondary antagonist in Find Mii. He is a giant ghost in red armor. He is encountered at the summit of Mirage Tower, where he can be seen guarding the Monarch. He has 60 HP, making him stronger than the Blood Ghost . Like other armored enemies he is carrying a weapon, which is a battle axe. When he is defeated he disappears like any other ghost: turning into purple smoke. A similar enemy called Armored Archfiend appears in Find Mii 2, only stronger and with different armor.


Health Abilities
Armored fiend 60 Reduces melee damage taken by 1.


  • The Monarch sometimes mentions the Armored Fiend when the player selects venture forth if they have heroes (for example: "Yikes! That armored creep is looking over here...").
  • Armored Fiend is the only armored enemy to not collapse into a pile of armor when defeated, as well as the only enemy in Find Mii 1 to not reapear in Find Mii 2.

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