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The Art Style series logo.

The Art Style series are several video games released on WiiWare and DSiWare by Nintendo. Five games in the series have been released on WiiWare, including ORBIENT, CUBELLO, ROTOHEX, light trax and Rotozoa while seven more were released for the Nintendo's DSiWare. The games seem to be remakes and new entries in the bit Generations video games, which some were initiated on the Game Boy Advance exclusively in Japan. CUBELLO is a unique video game rather than a remake, however. They're all developed by Skip Ltd. except for DIGIDRIVE and published by Nintendo.

The North America region was the first to pick up the Art Style games for WiiWare. Japan got the first three on the same day on May 12, 2009. Japan was the first to pick up the Art Style games for DSiWare. Two more Art Style games were added on the WiiWare in 2010, which are called light trax & Rotozoa.

For the DSiWare, AQUIA was the first to be released on all Nintendo DSi systems launched in their area. Others added include PiCTOBiTS, BOXLIFE, BASE 10, ZENGAGE, precipice and DIGIDRIVE.

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