Artwork of Ashley from WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
Series WarioWare series
First game WarioWare: Touched!
Species Human
Age 15
Voiced by Christina Peyser
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Ashley is a fifteen-year-old witch who lives in a haunted mansion in Diamond City. She is sometimes seen with a bunny doll. However, her theme song states she never plays with doll, leading to the suspicion it is used for magical purposes. She also seems to have a large ego.

She can be seen with a small red demon-like creature named Red, who is always assisting Ashley with her spells. It's worth noting that in the Japanese version of the game she is eight which is probably more accurate, given her childlike proportions.


In WarioWare: Touched!, Ashley is looking for the last ingredient of a potion she is brewing. Then she spots Orbulon's ship crashing, but Red fails to catch Orbulon, and so apologizes to Ashley. Ashley accepts Red's apologies, before telling him she'll use Red instead. In this game, her microgames are focused on tapping and grabbing objects with the stylus called "Total Drag".

However, Red appears along with Ashley again in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Ashley tries to cast a spell on a potted plant, but, unlike what she expected, she turns the flower to a daisy. Then a mysterious spell book appears, and, after completing Ashley's level, one can see her trying the spell again receiving help from the book. Now, another potted plant grows into gigantic venus flytrap. Red is shown to be frightened but Ashley only smiles after seeing what she had done.

In Game & Wario, Ashley finds a monster in book and attempts to teleport into that world using Red. However, a gust of wind blows turning a page to a desert-themed world. Red is pleased by her mistake while there is Ashley furiously ordering Red to transform into a broom. The game here is navigated by turning the Gamepad in the direction you'd like Ashley to go in. Pressing the ZL or ZR button does a loop. The goal is to collect the gems so Ashley can teleport out of there. There are cookie which she automatically shoots at. There is also an anger mechanic that if you get hit too much, you must pat her head by touching the screen to calm her down.

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, she appears as an Assist trophy . When summoned, she creates a black cloud which causes various effects like shrinking or growing or reversing projectiles.

Ashley's Song

Main article: Ashley's Song

From WarioWare: Touched!:

Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
You'd better learn my name 'cause it's
She knows the darkest spells and she brews the meanest potions.
You might be the ingredient I seek.
Don't let yourself be fooled by her innocent demeanor.
You'd better be afraid of the great
She doesn't play with dolls and she never combs her hair.
Who has time for girly things like that?
Eye of newt, I cast a hex on you.
Grandma's wig, this will make you big.
Kitten spit, soon your pants won't fit.
Pantalones Giganticus! Oh, no, not again...
She can rule the world and still finish all her homework.
Everyone knows I'm the greatest
You'd better watch your step or she'll cast a spell on you.
I turned my teacher into a spoon.
I refer to my spells, and, yes, it's true:
While I don't have as many friends as you.
But I think you're nice and maybe we could be friends.
And if you say no, you're toast.
Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
You'd better learn my name 'cause it's
Just remember this when you meet her on the street:
I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet.
I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet.
I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet.

Ashley's Theme Song also appears in a slightly different version in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.