Benimaru Itoh
Benimaru Itoh
Company Creatures Inc. (1999-2002)

HAL Laboratory (2002-present)

Current Position Graphic Advisor
First game Pocket Monsters Stadium
Latest game Picross 3D: Round 2

"Ashura" Benimaru Itoh is a manga artist, 3D designer and musician who has done various kind of design works for Nintendo through his carrer. Initially he drew Star Fox and Super Metroid comics which were published by Nintendo Power, as well as a Mother 2 manga book published in Japan.

In 1999, Itoh joined Creatures Inc., where he became the main 3D modeling director for various Pokémon games. He left in 2002 and became an advisor for HAL Laboratory, mainly supervising various Kirby games. He was also the host for the Mario & Zelda Big Band Live concert held in Japan in 2003.

Game Works

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