Atetemino is a bagworm boss in the Mega Man series.


Atetemino made its first appearance in Mega Man: Anniversary Collection. It was the first boss in Wily Castle Stage 1.

It could be tricky to beat Atetemino without its weakness. The Atetemino will summon the mini versions of it where Mega Man stands on. Shooting the other objects that are dropped does a few damage. During the fight, Mega Man has many choices:

Using the Rush Bomber does a little damage to it, but it could be good.

Using an Ice Wave will only affect on two walls as there are only two in the battle.

The Mega Ball could be best as it could destroy it. Shots must be timed carefully as the ball could hit the wrong objects.

Atetemino Proto

Atetemino Proto is found in the first King stage.

Mega Man must stand on the platform, but not too long as he falls into the lava. Mega Man must shoot it with the Mega Buster as the Monking A will throw spheres at Mega Man. Using the Copy Vision is its weakness to defeat when on the platform.


  • Its name plays on the insect, Bagworm moth (Minomushi)