Inside Atlantis
Series The Conduit
First game Conduit 2

Atlantis is a location in Conduit 2. It's where Michael Ford meets Andromeda. He uses it as a "hub" for his missions.


Michael Ford wakes up to find that the Leviathan regurgitated him into an old crashed Progenitor spaceship named Atlantis that rests deep in the ocean. Working his way through the ship, he acquires the Destroyer Armor, which is much stronger than the Trust Armor he had been wearing.

Ford then finds Andromeda held in stasis. Prometheus says they will need her help in defeating John Adams, so Ford awakens her with the All-Seeing Eye. Andromeda activates the conduit that will allow Ford to jump to Adams' last known location, which happens to be Washington, D.C. ("Atlantis")

After returning from Washington, Andromeda tells Ford that the ships power core needs to be reset because the conduit wont hold up. So Ford battles his way through the ships defenses and reactivates the power core. ("Atlantis")

When Ford returns from China, Andromeda instructs him to head to Siberia and warn Katarina. ("Siberia Crash")

After Ford returns from the Lost City of Z, Adams emerges from the conduit. Ford fights him, and after Adams reveals his true Progenitor form, Ford tackles him through the conduit, taking the fight to Agartha. ("Adams")



Atlantis is possibly named after the legendary island "Atlantis".