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Aurora Unit 313

A photo of Aurora Unit 313.

Aurora Unit 313 is the final boss in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. After a somewhat easy battle with Dark Samus, 313 is possessed by Dark Samus and is then a boss.

Battle 1


The Aurora does a series of attacks,mostly launching 3 Dark Samuses that do some attacks from the actual Dark Samus and then launches 2 tentacles and a few robot "eyes".Another attack is to fall to the ground and fire cannons.If a tentacle is hit,it will leave a vulnerable spot for a few seconds.If an eye is hit,the Aurora will slam to the ground and become stunned.This also happens when enough damage is inflicted.When it falls,its latch must be grappled open to reveal its weak spot.After Aurora 313 is destroyed,it will switch forms and become a flying head.

Battle 2

File:Boss aurora8.jpg

The head has to major attacks:firing lasers and then immediately landing and spins itself around the arena.Both of these leave the Phazon vulnerable due to the bruise on its neck. After enough blasts into the bruise,the game is completed.

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