Autumn Heights

Autumn Heights

Autumn Heights was second island taken by Snowmads in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ruled by Skowl.


As its name suggests, the climate is temperate in island showing on autumnal forests and pines infest in every corner. The geography contains windmills, farms, forests, beaver dams, sawmill, rocky peaks and cavernous cheese storage. Evidenced for statues, birdhouses, rockfaces, pictures in giant bells, windows, and doors; this place is a Hootzes birthplace. Also notable is the giant pine located in the top of island where Skowl and his servents remained.


During the events of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, this island was the second to be explored by Kong Family. Discovered in island a fistful of stoled Bananas stored in birdhouses which should be stolen by Snowmads during the invasion of Donkey Kong Island, Rambi appears by defeat all Snowmads grunts, jumping leaf for leaf, strolling on sawmill with Mine Cart, climbing peaks with balloon and ringing bells in rocks until arrive in Skowl's peak. When Skowl and Hootzes serving Snowmads are expelled by Kongs, that island is the second to be free from Snowmads.



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  • All aspects of the island is a reference to the Bavaria.