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Axem Ranger (Red) Sprite (Super Mario RPG)

Axem Red is the leader of the Axem Rangers. With him being the leader, he is also the strongest. Red was dedicated to evil and his master, Smithy, making him a loyal servant. He is often ticked off by his team, since they, occasionally, disobey his orders or just give up. Even though they do, he still has the utmost confidence and faith in them.


Axem Red is often impatient and angers easily. But when he isn't angry, he's mostly cocky or confident about winning a battle or fight. He makes snappy remarks at both his enemies and team.


Axem Red has the highest hp out of the group and is the most balanced fighter of all. Red, while having a weaker hit than Axem Yellow, has the physically strongest upper body (mainly his arms). He has a pretty decent hit, though. His special attacks are Glowing Ball and Vigor up, which is necessarily, not an attack.

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