FEF Azura
Azura's artwork from Fire Emblem Fates
Series Fire Emblem
First game Fire Emblem Fates
Created by Intelligent Systems
Designed by Kozaki Yusuke
Voiced by (English) Rena Strober
Voiced by (Japanese) Lynn and Renka (singing voice)
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Azura (JP) is a main playable character and the deuteragonist in Fire Emblem Fates. She is a Princess of Nohr, but was captured and held prisoner by Hoshido, similar to the Avatar's situation. If Azura reaches S-Support , she will have a son named Shigure.

Appearance & Personality

She normally wears a white dress with a white headress and an array of light blue ribbons. Her hair is a very light shade of blue and is very long with her bangs going across her face.

Skills & Stats



She is an infantry lance user with a default rarity of 5 Stars. Her skills are

  • Weapon - Iron Lance -> Steel Lance -> Sapphire Lance -> Sapphire Lance +
  • Assist - Sing
  • Special - None
  • Passive A - Speed +(1-3)
  • Passive B - None
  • Passive C - Fortify Res (1-3)

Her Base Stats are

5 16-18 4-6 6-8 3-5 5-7


Azura is first encountered by the Avatar while she is singing by a lake. There, she explains that she was kidnapped by Hoshido as a child and was a princess of Nohr, similar to the Avatar, though she was always happy in Hoshido.  Several days later, Azura joins HinokaTakumi, and Sakura in giving the Avatar a tour of Shirasagi. However, at the capital square, an assassin from Nohr detonates the Avatar's Ganglari, killingmost of the attendees including Mikoto. Azura along with Ryoma and Sakura witness the Avatar's transformation into a dragon. She then warns the Avatar to avoid the Wyrmslayers and assists in defeating the assassins. Azura then uses her powers to calm the Avatar, although she is almost killed by the Avatar in the process. To help the Avatar control their Draconic powers, using the Dragonstone. Azura joins the Hoshido Siblings and the Avatar to the Plains of Hoshido, where the Hoshidan and Nohrian armies meet. 






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