BIT.TRIP RUNNER was developed by Gaijin Games and published by Aksys Games.


Gaijin Games

Petrified Productions

  • Music & Sound Design


  • Menu Music - "Blackout City"
  • Credits Music - "Mermaid"

Aksys Games

  • Executive Producer: Akibo Shieh
  • Producer: Michael Manzanares
  • Marketing: Gail Salamanca
  • Public Relations: Cheryl M.K. Baker
  • Quality Assurance: Hanna Kim, James Xie and Mary Sue To

Special Thanks


  • Sllab for Logo Work
  • Tomoyuki "Tats" Arima for Font Work
  • Jesec Griffin for Voice Talent
  • Bill Gildan for Setting the Standard

  • Brendan Seaman
  • Precise Hero
  • Ty Dunitz
  • Zimbo the Magnificent
  • Our Friends and Families
  • All of our Focus Testers
  • Our Graffiti Artists


  • Asuka Yamataki

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