BS The Legend of Zelda
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo, St. GIGA
Platform(s) Satellaview platform icon
Genre(s) Action-adventure
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BS The Legend of Zelda  (JP) is a game that was released on the Super Famicom's Satellaview service in 1995. It contained two maps and was a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda that was released on the NES (Famicom in Japan) in 1986. The game featured enhanced graphics that resemble those of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Because the game was released exclusively on Nintendo's Satellaview service, it was never made available in America or Europe.


BS The Legend of Zelda is more than just a simple remake of The Legend of Zelda. The dungeons are laid out differently from how they were in the first and second quests of the original Zelda. The map has been shortened from 8 by 16 squares to 8 by 8, however. The amount of Rupees that the player can hold has been quadrupled. Instead of Link being the playable character, two characters known as the Heroes of Light are playable and are actually the mascots of Satellaview. This game and its sequel are the only games in the series where you can play as either a male or female.

Another major addition is the inclusion of a real time clock. Depending on when you play, certain events may be triggered such as all the enemies on screen being killed, fairies appearing and perhaps even an unlimited amount of items for a short period of time.


Like many of the games released via Satellaview, BS Zelda was separated into episodes which were offered weekly to players. In all there were four episodes, and they are as follows:

  • BS The Legend of Zelda: Part 1 - August 9, 1995
  • BS The Legend of Zelda: Part 2  - August 16, 1995
  • BS The Legend of Zelda: Part 3 - August 23, 1995
  • BS The Legend of Zelda: Part 4 - August 30, 1995
  • BS The Legend of Zelda ~MAP 2~: Part 1 - December 30, 1996
  • BS The Legend of Zelda ~MAP 2~: Part 2 - January 1, 1996
  • BS The Legend of Zelda ~MAP 2~: Part 3 - January 3, 1996
  • BS The Legend of Zelda ~MAP 2~: Part 4 - January 5, 1996

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